Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Splendid Sampler-Block #3-Lots of Love

Life is SPLENDID!  This block reminded me of all the love shown to me from family and friends these past 5 years...I've learned a lot about nurturing, sharing, caring and giving your time to help someone else in need.

The third block in the Splendid Sampler was created by Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting.

I'll have to say, I was surprised at how difficult this block really was.  Ripping, starting over, having warped fabric from ripping and sewing again, then finally cutting new fabrics for 3 more little heart blocks.  I was pleasantly surprised with the directional fabrics and how well they matched at the seams.  Wonkiness overcome!!!

With my SPLENDID  life comparison, it reminds me of how much I have learned about loving others.  Sometimes love is awkward and frustrating, but turns out so beautiful!  I no longer feel awkward visiting someone in the hospital, saying hello to a stranger with a deftly tied scarf and no eyebrows and the time taken from my day to make the visit or cook a meal is so rewarding!

Splendid and sewing!

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