Friday, March 25, 2016

Quilting stencils with my Scan and Cut

So, I'm branching out and going to attempt "designs" in my next quilting project rather than "stitching in the ditch". I'm using a domestic machine so let's hope I don't pull what little hair I have out in the creative process!

I have recently taken my Scan and Cut out of the box in the closet ( where it has been for nearly a year) and decided to learn to use it in my quilting.  In my quick attempt to get my stencil done prior to leaving town and carrying all my supplies with me, I didn't take pictures of the process itself, but if there is interest, perhaps a tutorial later?

I found poster board sized plastic sheets at my local Hobby Lobby while getting regular poster board and wondered if I could cut my own George I did!

A few words of advice:
  1. Use a sharpie to make your lines thick enough for the scanner to read.
  2.  Make large dashed lines to keep the design in one piece.
  3. A little trimming may be necessary.
  4.  Registration marks will need to be added.

I was able to mark my quilt, starting from the corners and working my way in to adapt the "meeting in the middle" design to fit my size borders.

Hopefully when I return home, I'll be able to begin quilting!
What methods do you use to transfer quilting designs?
Do you have any favorite quilting stencils?
Where do you get them?

Trying to stitch on the road,

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