Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Memories

As Christmas approaches I hope you have your sewing projects completed, shopping done, gifts wrapped and groceries purchased! Since my children are grown and I'm still a few years away from grandchildren, our Christmas traditions have changed since little feet pattered into the room to see what Santa brought. We still gather, eat, exchange gifts and play games with the emphasis more on family time since my children live in another state. Christmastime brings memories of times past as the ornaments made with once tiny hands are placed on the "family" tree as well as the hanging of Hallmark ornament representative of each personality.

Christmas sewing was always a big deal for me and my daughter. She always selected her fabrics and would look through my magazines, books and patterns to find the "perfect" dress that no other child would have for the school Christmas performance and church services throughout December. Oh the memories involved in the creative process!!!

Double collared smocked bishop on a basic yoke dress-short sleeves for Southern Christmas temps.[caption id="attachment_973" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Double collared smocked bishop on a basic yoke dress-short sleeves for Southern Christmas temps.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_979" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Smocked clothing can be worn anytime! Smocked clothing can be worn anytime![/caption]

Merry Christmas and many happy memories!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fired Up!

Typically this time of year you have to be "fired up" to get everything done...this week I have literally be "fired up"!

As I approached my studio Monday afternoon, I smelled smoke but thought maybe the neighbors were burning trash. As I opened the sliding glass door to enter, I saw SMOKE! Thank goodness hubby dear was working at home so after a panicked run back to the house to get him, we quickly shut everything off in the fuse panel and I started grabbing projects needed for Christmas orders! I called 911 and my neighbor (so she wouldn't freak out) and then she arrived and suggested we start pulling fabric outside. Ignoring the dispatcher's advice to stay out of the building, we pulled "big mama" (my Brother 600 PR) and the other 3 machines outside. Then with another panicked thought, I grabbed my smocking templates notebook and started to retrieve all my Australian Smocking magazines before my husband stopped me when the fire chief arrived. After finding no hot spots (they used this machine to do this, was interesting to watch) he suggested I call an electrician. My sweet neighbor and dear hubby helped carry all the machines and fabric inside the house. Husband took down the twin beds in the guest room (they only had box springs anyway, the mattresses went to the duck camp) and temporarily set me up to work on my projects in the guest room.

save the Australian Smocking!
The next morning electrician declared the window heat/air unit the culprit. (I was concerned that I had too many machines plugged into the same outlet/s. Although I use serge protecters on each outlet I use a lot of electricity between the coffee pot, radio, iron and typically 3 machines going at a time.) Today dear hubby has already bought and replaced the window unit. Did you know bowls of vinegar will remove odor? Thanks sweet neighbor for that suggestion!

Hopefully will move back in the studio on Saturday and regain the momentum lost this week! Check your plugs....don't have too many things in one outlet, especially with all the Christmas sewing done this time of year. I've literally been "fired up"! Hoping all your Christmas projects are going smoothly!

Merry Stitching!