Friday, January 31, 2014

50th Anniversary

My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!
My brothers and sisters-in-law planned for months to host a reception in their honor.  Being the "big sister" (as you can see here, this doesn't mean physically since I look up to the "little brother" and "baby brother"), I coordinated all the planning.  I'm so glad we all pulled it together!
The grandchildren all got to lend a hand....the little ones got to decopauge  music onto votives for table decor....

while the older grandchildren played the role of photographer and assisted with the presentation of the original wedding dress!   (these kids belong to me!)
I worked on their anniversary gift using Anita Good Designs "Tree of LIfe" Quilt Software.  I selected Moda Fabrics from my local quilt shop Couture Sewing Center and used Floriani embroidery thread.  
After many embroidery stitches and about 100 hours of work, the quilt was complete!

My parents loved the quilt, presented to them by the grandchildren the night before with all the family present.  The tree has branches representing each child and the leaves are embroidered with names of all the members of our family.   I did save the "leaf" fabric and noted the thread color to add more leaves in the future....(I already have one made up to add after our August wedding:)))
  50 years of don't give up no matter what life deals you!  So honored to have made the quilt that will last for many generations.  And in case you didn't notice, the cake matched perfectly thanks to my brother and sister-in-law.  

The whole gang!
Happy stitching!,

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fix your Stash

So....I've moved from Wordpress to Blogger.....
I'm trying to be more "budget-minded" and Blogger is free so I thought I'd try it out.  So far, I've been able to move all my posts (by following instructions on the internet) and set up my blog complete with background with very little effort.  We'll see how it goes!

Speaking of moving, I have been traveling a lot lately which has limited my sewing, however, my iPad comes in handy to order fabric since I can't be in the studio.....

then, I have to find a place to put it which puts me into reorganization mode.  I just can't work in a messy space!

So it's time to fix my 'stash!

 Since I was out of room in my shoe shelves turned fabric shelves, I decided to utilize the top!
I had a stash of bolts a friend (thank you Ann-Mommy) had collected from Hancock for me.  (When she called and asked me if I wanted some bolts and I said yes, I never imagined the amount she'd bring!)  I decided to cut the 30" bolts in half.  After all, I had no more space in the shelves and since they wouldn't work anyway, I'd repurpose them.

I cut them in half (15") by measuring and using a utility knife to cut through both sides.  DO NOT USE YOUR SCISSORS!!!!
Then I punctured each side with the tip.

Bend each side back and forth and it should just "pop" open.

I'll put the "wrapped" side to the top and add my masking tape notes (i.e., pre washed? where I bought it, how many yards I have and what I paid for it).
Next I'll wrap my fabric by folding neatly selvedge to selvedge.  Then fold again.
Roll the fabric around the bolt and put in place!

My OCD kicks in a little here too, you can see from the photo that I HAVE to put all the fabric in color order.  (my closet is too :))  How do you "do" your stash?


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gingher Gifted

I recently was told to meet a particular lady outside after worship services, she had a gift for me.  She didn't know anything about sewing or the "tools" required but knew that this gift was well taken care of...

Her mother had passed away a few years ago and while going through her things had kept her  Gingher pinking shears, that were in the original box! I know her mother was a quilter and these shears must have been well loved and had many miles of fabric cut by their edges.  What a precious gift!!!!

It means so much to me to have them to continue the mileage and memories that can be made with sewing notions.  I have a jar of my grandmother's buttons, I still have all the patterns I used to make my daughter's dresses 20 something years ago as well as the Gingher appliqué scissors and shears I used to cut all her fabrics.  I have added several other Gingher scissors to my collection recently and know that they, too, will give me many miles of sewing pleasure.

Gingher PInking Shears

What is your favorite pair of scissors?  What brand do you use?

Happy Stitches,