Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kewpie Cuteness



Isn't she the cutest thing ever?  The pattern came from Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazine and has been a favorite of my student, Ann Greer, from the first time she laid eyes on it.

After several smocking lessons and tutorial sessions (even a few "rip that out before you go on" sessions) she has not only mastered smocking but pleating as well!   We had many "oohhh this fabric would be pretty in...."  and "is this the right color ribbon" discussions together and just  sharing the progress with show and tell.

Kewpie Cute


Her great grand baby's blue eyes match the outfit (and the bow-yes it has to be big, we're from the South) perfectly!

from Australian Smocking by Ann Greer Great job Mrs. Ann!

Get inspired from my STUDENT SHOWCASE!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Sparkling Snowflake Smocked Ornament

Have you ever had one of those creative moments when things just come together?  Well, I did last week while preparing for my smocked Christmas ornament class at Couture Sewing Center in Macon, GA.  Yes, I had everything completed, packed in my bag and my list of "to-do's" completed. Then that lightbulb went off  and off course I went!

Tartan Ornament

This was the proposed and advertised project.  All I needed was some foam board to make something for my students to block their project on.  A trip to a local Hobby Lobby was required...that's when I totally veered off the chosen project.  I found some cute glass Christmas beads that are strung for a bracelet. Not for me...I wanted to use them as "Dingle Danglers"!  As I told my class my story of inspiration and the cause of a different project from what they signed up for, a definition of a "dingle-dangler" was needed amidst a few confused looks.  You see, a "dingle-dangler" is something that dangles from the end of something.  So I swiftly came up with a new smocking template, instruction packet and more kits for this new project.  Lynn, owner of Couture Sewing Center, and all my students LOVED the new project complete with my new "dingle-dangler"

Sparkling Snowflake

See the snowflake dingle-dangler?  What do you think?

Kits for both projects may be purchased from my webstore on my site for $14.  If you'd like a completed Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornament or the Tartan Christmas Ornament they will be available by the end of the week for $24.  Supplies are limited so place your order soon!

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