Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baby Quilt Tutorial-Assemble the Top

Baby Quilt Tutorial-Assemble the Top is part 4 of the series on how to sew a unique but simple quilt suitable for beginners or more advanced seamstresses.

A baby quilt can be used for many purposes.  Obviously for babies-either to  cover them, lay them on the floor or wrap them up, but baby quilts are the perfect size for snuggling on the couch, laying across the lap of an elderly relative or friend or even taking to an outdoor sporting event!  With all the variety in fabric choices, the possibilities are endless!

Today's tutorial will consist of assembly of all the parts and pieces we've cut in previous tutorials. (see them HERE and HERE)

I used regular Coats and Clark cotton mercerized thread to piece my quilt top.  (Quilt terminology for "assembly of the top pieces" or "sewing it all together")  I used the same in my bobbin.

Start with the little pieces first.  In this case they are the chevron or the two 3" pieces I had you cut previously.  Pin one 3" piece with the right sides together against the middle fabric. (this puts the seam on the inside with the pretty fabric on the outside when complete) My middle fabric is the elephants or the 12.5 inch long piece on your quilt.  Repeat for the other 3" piece on the remaining middle section.

Right sides together and stitch!
Now you can use a 1/2 " seam and stitch on the outside edge to sew each piece to the middle block.

Repeat the process with the bottom block, in my case the plaid 24" and then again with the top block which is the remaining 6.5" block.

This finished piece is your quilt "top"!  

Be gathering your supplies for next week and we'll begin to quilt by machine.  You'll need batting in crib size or a remnant from a larger quilt.  Remember it will be bigger than our top to allow "grace".
We'll use Coats and Clark mercerized thread for the quilting on this project.  Always have extra machine needles handy--Schmetz 80/12  or 90/14 are good sizes for this project.  

Sew up a Storm!!

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