Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Quilt Tutorial-Getting Organized

Recently my daughter asked me to make a quilt for a friend expecting her 3rd baby.  After all, the 3rd baby deserves something new, right?  I was the oldest child and always got the "new" items, however, my sister ended up with the "hand-me-downs".  What about you? New or Hand me downs?

Since the recipient is a big "Roll Tide" fan,  cute elephant fabric was a key feature as well as team colors!  Check out my post using another team fabric for a cute pillowcase dress that is a quick afternoon project!

Completed quilt
First and most important is the fabric selection.  I enjoy this process...it is like shopping...so much to choose from!  Remember color and scale in this process.  You want a mixture of small, medium and large prints.  What about a solid?  Do the colors or "hues" match?  Are they complimentary? (maybe another blog post on color selection?  let me know!) What about thread?  Embellishments such as a monogram or trims like rick-rack, velvet trim, embroidery?

For this quilt, my daughter chose a small scaled plaid (of course in Alabama colors), a larger scaled gray/white chevron and the favored elephant print, which was a medium scale and the basis for all the coordinating prints.  We visited a local fabric shop, Thimbles, and acquired the plaid and elephant fabrics(Farmhouse Fabrics).  I had the chevron(RBD) in my stash.
Selected quilt fabrics (with monogram done)
Depending on the size of the project, I after I have selected my pattern, fabrics, thread and any other items I might need for the project, they all go into a rubbermaid tote or a large ziploc bag.  The zip locks come in 2 gallon or L, XXL and are very handy to keep all project contents together. Most Walmart or Target stores carry them.

 I also add all the pertinent information into my Quilting Notebook to keep all my doodles, drawings, fabric selections and measurements handy for later quilts and record keeping purposes.

Up next....cutting the fabric!

Happy Organizing!

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