Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wreath for the Duck Hunter

Since my MOG duties included the rehearsal dinner, I wanted to incorporate my son's love (and yes, obsession) with duck hunting.  Yes, he gets his obsessive qualities from his mother's gene pool honestly.  His is hunting and mine is all things sewing....why not combine the two???

He sent me a picture of two "love" ducks so I added a little to the newly digitized design to include the date and their names.  I purchased the 12" wide burlap ribbon that is so readily available at Hobby Lobby ( use the coupon and you'll save bundles!).  This was to be the nucleus of my duck wreath theme.  I used my 6 needle Brother 600II to embroider the duck design on this burlap using heavy weight stabilizer that I cut away from the back side and Press and Seal (yes from the kitchen) on top to keep any needles from getting caught on the wide weave. (sorry I didn't take pics of the process, check out the blog post Machine Embroidered Dog Collar).  The rest is history!  A few cat tails, a resin duck and some greenery!  Oh, and let's not forget the big "G" I got off the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby a couple of months back!

I threw together another arrangement for the head table while I was decorating the tables....

Susan Spann did our cake.  Check out her FB page  Susan's Sweets.  
Could you tell we used the "duck hunting" theme???

All in a day's work!
So happy when I'm stitching,
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