Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wedding Sewing

When my son proposed last year at Maywood Christian Camp during our camp week, I knew I had a year to prepare.  I was hoping the bride would ask me to smock the flower girl dress and of course a quilt!  

A flower girl dress was needed for the outdoor, country-style wedding so after collaboration, we decided on a back- buttoned bishop made in white broadcloth.  I would use her peach, blue and yellow color theme for the smocking and embelish it with cast on daisies in the same colorway.  
I chose the buttons first, then matched DMC thread to the buttons.
Here is a look as it hangs (should have put a darker background behind it) prior to giving it to her to try on.  I also used a growth ring on the hem.  Not only does it provide extra length for later, but it is an EASY way to hem by machine without it looking like it!

I used mini rick rack in blue as trim on the angel wings.  The trick to this was to pleat the neckline first, leaving long quilting threads.  Flattening the sleeves completely, I was able to iron a 1/4 " double turned edge and used a blindstitch for hemming to attach the rick rack to make it appear to float off the edge of the sleeves.

She and my niece pose for the camera! (trying to keep her busy until time to walk down the aisle)

The flower girl was perfectly comfortable in her dress and boots as she spread petals on the burlap runway...

Handwork was done while watching tv and traveling and quilt designing started in the sewing studio during the day.
More wedding sewing in the next post .... the dog needs a wedding collar!

Always in stitches,

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