Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gingher Gifted

I recently was told to meet a particular lady outside after worship services, she had a gift for me.  She didn't know anything about sewing or the "tools" required but knew that this gift was well taken care of...

Her mother had passed away a few years ago and while going through her things had kept her  Gingher pinking shears, that were in the original box! I know her mother was a quilter and these shears must have been well loved and had many miles of fabric cut by their edges.  What a precious gift!!!!

It means so much to me to have them to continue the mileage and memories that can be made with sewing notions.  I have a jar of my grandmother's buttons, I still have all the patterns I used to make my daughter's dresses 20 something years ago as well as the Gingher appliqué scissors and shears I used to cut all her fabrics.  I have added several other Gingher scissors to my collection recently and know that they, too, will give me many miles of sewing pleasure.

Gingher PInking Shears

What is your favorite pair of scissors?  What brand do you use?

Happy Stitches,


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