Monday, May 4, 2015

NYC Garment District

I've heard of the "Garment District" or Fasion District in NYC from the popular TV series " Project Runway".  Since my daughter works in the Bridal Industry, NYC became her summer intern project so I became even more familiar with it.  This past weekend I saw it from a personal perspective!
This neighborhood or borough is home to the majority of New York's showrooms and to the many fashion labels of today.  The area is less than 1 square mile and sits between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue and from 34th Street to 42nd Street. (Not as hard to get around NYC as you's just a grid!) You can find numerous shops lining the streets, on multiple floors in various buildings and serves all aspects of the fashion process from design and production to wholesale sellling.  We walked 7th Avenue several times a day to get to our hotel (and the nearest Starbucks!). Vogue Fabrics and  Spechler Vogel with all the familiar batistes, broadcloths, seersuckers, madras and piques that I'm familiar with were only open to wholesalers but just seeing the shop with all the sample boards posted in the window gave a sense of of ownership to the heirloom sewing art!

Mood Fabrics, however, allows retail shopping and is the "go to" place in "the city" for mill ends and cut-rate decorator fabrics, high end silks and wools, vinyl, leather and cottons imported from Italy. 
While I traditionally look for cottons for children's apparel or the perfect bunch of fat quarters, just the thought of fondling fabric of any sort made me giddy!   Dear Husband walked along with me smiling at the sheer delight of me touching all the fabrics to try to decide which to bring home with me.  Three floors of ceiling to floor sewing heaven!  (Maybe even a Project Runway fantasy?)

The Italian cotton reminiscent of Liberty lawn with a fine pastel print along with a turquoise voile caught my eye and felt so smooth as I fingered the fine fibers.  Not high end fashion or sparkly or silky but it called to me.... 

Still in fabric heaven,

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