Monday, January 19, 2015

Stitch in the Ditch

The only time it is a good thing to be in a DITCH is when you "stitch in the ditch".  This is a quilting method used to secure a backing fabric to the quilt layers or sandwich without doing anything fancy.  I have used monofilament thread in the top with 60 weight thread in the bobbin to match my quilt back. Using clear thread helps hide the stitch in the ditch and holds the quilt together to allow prettier quilting designs to be showcased.  It's helpful to use a walking foot but not necessary.

For example, I was working on several quilt as you go (QAYG) blocks and used this process to finish up my quilt.  When you QAYG, you actually build the layers one block at a time completely and quilt each one individually, THEN sew them together and add the backing, securing it with the stitch in the ditch method.  
Here are my "rows"with each block numbered with painter's tape.

Since I use my machine embroidery designs to quilt blocks, this method is good for me to be able to put the individual blocks into the embroidery hoop rather than the whole quilt!
This photo is of the "Wedding Wishes" quilt block.

Basically a stitch in the ditch is actually what it sounds like....stitching in the ditch of your seam.
Notes for "stitching in the ditch":
  ~seams need to be pressed open
  ~secures back to front with monofilament thread
  ~allows for quilting one block at a time
  ~helps with handling large quilts on a regular sewing machine

Stay out the the road ditches (especially this time of year) but let your stitches always be in the ditches!


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