Friday, December 19, 2014

Stockings Were Hung...

It is a tradition at my house to hang a stocking representative of the owner's personality. Hubby has wrangler jeans with a pocket, son has camo style hunting boot, etc. I needed to add one suitable for that "techy" guy that always, even at his young age, seemed older than his age. 
The perfect solution was to recycle one of my husband's dress shirts that was headed for the discard pile.  A little embroidery on the collar, a new "bow tie" from my stash of Christmas fabric 
, recycling the cuff for a loop and a pen in the pocket suited his personality perfectly!

What are some of your Christmas traditions? 
Homemade stockings? Pj's?

Now to contact Santa to make sure he knows to fill ALL these stockings hanging from my mantle!

Merry Christmas!

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