Monday, February 11, 2013

Trunk Show

I was asked to provide a trunk show and be a speaker for the American Sewing Guild Chapter meeting in Macon, GA to celebrate National Smocking Month.  It was a treat to see all the ladies sharing a passion for sewing.  I spoke about English Smocking.


English smocking, in my opinion, is an art form.  It requires skill, labor and love to create a garment that can make any child feel unique and special.  English smocking is a craft that is done by machines, no mass production! These garments can be passed down for years if quality fabrics are used and construction is done well. I like that my creations have made it through the playground, birthday parties, church, school and even a wayward pair of scissors in the hands of a 5 year old!  We discussed many facets of smocking including fabric selection, the pleating process, garment styles, the difference between geometric and picture smocking and thread choice.

I enjoyed showcasing some of my favorite pieces of "artwork" and sharing smocking secrets with those who were interested!



Bishops, Yoke Dresses, Inserts, Bonnets,Rompers, and  Smocked Easter Eggs.....eye candy for smocking and sewing enthusiasts!DSC_0212


I look forward to teaching several ladies the art of smocking, whether it be picture smocking or smocking and constructing your first bishop for Easter!  Thank you ladies for the invitation and a special thank you to my "angel" Mrs. Ann for all her help in transporting and setting up my dresses!

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  1. NeyNey, I loved the blog almost as much as I enjoyed being with you and helping you show your gorgeous works of art! You are truly a blessing in my life and I thank God everyday for allowing me to be your friend! Love you, Ms. Ann